About Mark

Mark has a PhD in child development and is also a teacher at one of Cheltenham’s finest private schools. He is a specialist tutor for maths, literacy and the 11+ grammar school entrance exam. You can rest assured that your child will receive an exceptionally high level of tutoring.

Private Tutoring

Mark offers private tutoring for primary aged children in Gloucester. His specialist subjects are literacy, maths, verbal reasoning and preparing your child for the 11+ grammar school entrance exams.

Mark was awarded with a first class BEd (Hons) degree from Gloucestershire University and also has a PhD in education. You can rest assured that Mark is incredibly well qualified to provide your child with the best possible standard of tutoring.

Mark understands that it is important for your child to feel comfortable in order to achieve the most from their tutoring. He is a firm favourite with his pupils thanks to his positive attitude and friendly demeanor.