About Mark

Mark has an outstanding career as a teacher to primary age children. He graduated from his BEd (Bachelor of Education) degree with first class honours – the highest achievable grade. He then successfully completed a PhD in education, specialising in the ways children learn. As you can tell, he is very committed to providing the very highest level of education possible.

His achievements were recognised by a very prestigious private school in Cheltenham, where he currently teaches students in year 1.

However, qualifications by themselves don’t make an outstanding teacher and Mark understands and appreciates that children need a safe and friendly environment in which to learn. This attitude has made him a firm favourite amongst his pupils, and helps him to ensure that children want to learn.

Outside of his work life Mark is very much a family man. He has 4 children and has been married for over 30 years. He enjoys running, reading, watching rugby and playing skittles in his home town of Gloucester.