Subjects and Prices

Mark charges a flat rate of £35 per hour for all sessions.

Mark carries out all of his tutoring from his home in Upton St. Leonards near Gloucester and Stroud. He has a wide range of resources to help develop your child’s knowledge, skills and understanding. Furthermore, he has a controlled learning environment to prevent distraction and optimise the benefits of private tutoring.


Literacy and Numeracy – These core subjects are the foundation of an outstanding level of education. Mark will be able to provide your child with the perfect platform on which to flourish in these subjects.

Grammar School Entry Exams - Demand for grammar school places is incredibly high. Mark is an expert in teaching your child the knowledge and skills required to pass these exams. He will help to build your child’s confidence and prepare them for the tests with a series of mock exams and tuition in the core subjects that will be tested.

Verbal Reasoning – Another key component for all subjects and grammar school entry exams is verbal reasoning. Mark has studied the subject extensively and will be able to provide your child with all the benefits of his extensive knowledge on the subject.