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Essential revision topics for the 11+ test

One of the four components of the Secondary School Entrance Examinations (11+) is mathematics – the others being English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. The mathematics questions within the test cover many aspects of the subject and the purpose of this blog post is simply to highlight the range of concepts that a child might encounter. Within each area the need to have solid number skills is essential, as is the ability to use comprehension skills to interpret many questions. It is vital that children know number facts, such as multiplication tables, and that they can apply these accurately and quickly.

  • Algebra

  • Angles – calculate using known facts (right angle 90°; triangle 180°; circle 360°; quadrilateral 360°)

  • Area (squares and rectangles)

  • Average (range, mean, median, mode)

  • Capacity (cubes and cuboids)

  • Conversion (kilograms/grams; kilometres/metres/centimetres)

  • Co-ordinates

  • Cube Numbers (cube root)

  • Data Handling (bar charts, pictograms, Carroll diagrams, Venn diagrams)

  • DecimalsEquations (solving simple equations)

  • FactorsFractionsMeasure (length, weight)

  • Negative numbers

  • Number Operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)

  • Percentages

  • Place Value

  • Prime Numbers

  • Proportion

  • Ratio

  • Reflection

  • Reverse Operations

  • Scale

  • Shape (2-D and 3-D shapes; names, properties)

  • Square Numbers (and square root)

  • Symmetry

  • Time

  • Word Problems

This list is evidence of the wide range of mathematical concepts that your child will need to understand in order to attempt questions in the 11+ test. In subsequent blog posts I will look at some of these areas in more detail.

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