• Mark Collier

Why have private tutoring for your child?

As a parent you might be considering having a tutor for your son or daughter for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your child lacks confidence in maths or English, it might be that they are not achieving their potential, it could be that they are finding aspects of literacy or numeracy challenging, it may be that your son or daughter needs a boost in a subject, or it might be your hope for them to obtain a place at a grammar school or to be successful in Common Entrance exams. For whatever reason there are many ways in which individual tutoring can help.

For parents who are thinking about tutoring for maths there are many strategies that a tutor can help a child to take on board which will give them a better understanding of mathematical concepts, number skills and problem solving. For those thinking about tuition for English there are many ways to extend a child’s literacy skills to develop their reading, comprehension and grammatical abilities.

For parents looking for a selective secondary education for their son or daughter, a tutor can equip their child with skills and techniques to answer questions most effectively in a test. This might be by recognising question styles and types, choosing which questions to answer first and those to return to later, or spotting short-cuts to answers. Whether it is verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, English or mathematics there are many ways in which a tutor can help a pupil maximise their potential.

In my next blog post I will look at some of these areas in more detail and provide a greater insight into aspects of an individual tutor’s role in a child’s education and development.

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